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A brand new mix recorded on a rainy day in March.Some well known tracks, and hopefully a few you might not have heard thanks to the talented SoundCloud members.Hope you enjoy it :)

Chinese Man - I’ve Got That Tune
Odjbox vs J5 - Golden ft. J5 & Haynes
Nick Hollywood - Deep Henderson
Tape Five - Dixie Biscuit (42 Smiles Remix)
The Correspondents - I Wanna Be Like You
Tape Five - A Cool Cat in Town (feat. Brenda Boykin)
AlgoRythmik - Andrew’s Break
Dunkelbunt feat. Harry Stojka & The Cat Empire - The Stojka Empire
Rube & Dusty - Big Band Jump
Swing Republic - On The Downbeat
Betina Bager - Singing In The Rain (Love Baby)
Django Reinhardt - Minor Swing (donJohnston’s swing for a day edit)
Digital Emotions - A Tisket A Tasket (Slone Remix)
eLDOKO - Woodworm Blues
Dutty Moonshine - Yes Please
Wattie Green - Sea Lion Woman
Riva Starr - I was Drunk (Ft. Noze)
Parov Stelar - The Golden Boy
Caravan Palace - Bambous

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